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The American Garage, a Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. and 3d Houston Design production was launched yesterday. This new DIY show is centered around the American “can do” spirit and showcases the ingenutiy of the American spirit. I had a chance to speak with Derrick and Stephen, principle owners in the TV show, and it sounds like they have a lot of plans. Feel free to visit them via the website listed above for updated information about episode schedules and events.

“Stephen and I decided it was time to bring quality programming back to the airwaves. We suggest that readers keep checking back for updates as we are moving forward quickly. We have talked about starting a contest for a guest spot on the show which should be very exciting. Stephen has also talked about having a co-host on the show. One of the things Stephen and I want to do is help areas that have been hit with a disaster. Where there is a disaster there is someone restoring and bringing things back to a working state. We would like to recognize and shed some light on these American heroes. The plans are not fully developed yet, but we plan to make charity a strong aspect of the show. Right now I am working with my kids to express the gift of giving and what better way than to lead by example.”, said Derrick Bradshaw today over lunch as we discussed the plans for his new show.

“Derricks idea about the contest for a guest appearance on the show works really well with my idea of needing a co-host. We might keep running this contest until I find a co-host which means, not only will the winner get a chance to be on the show, but they could also end up with a job! A lot of our plans are still in the beginning stages, so if you have any suggests or comments, we ask you visit our website and contact us. We are looking for charities in need, American garage tinkers that want to share their story, or just general suggestions of ideas for the show.”, said Stephen Devine, owner of 3d Houston, today via phone from his Texas office.

As you can see, these two have a lot of things in store for The American Garage. Once at their website you can find them on Facebook and twitter which is another way to stay plugged in. Once the contest starts, I am told there will be more than one winner. I tried to get Derrick to tell me how many, but he said that depends on many factors.

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