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Disaster Recovery
Our consultants assist you in data
recovery to allow your business to
function normally even after
a disaster.
Disaster Planning
We develop database backup models
to ensure secure replication of our
client's data in case of disasters.

Disaster Recovery and Planning

Make all your troubles small ones

But it only seems insurmountable. It’s not — because Bradshaw Consulting can help. And with well thought out disaster recovery strategies, you don’t ever have to feel that way again.

Disaster Recovery Services

Bradshaw Consulting understands that a technology ‘disaster’ is defined by the people experiencing it. It can be anything from a hard drive crash affecting one person to a natural disaster affecting thousands.

And whether you’re in the process of recovering from a catastrophic loss of data due to a crashed hard drive, natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado, loss due to fire, flood or other unexpected event, our disaster recovery experts can help get your systems up and running again. Our most often requested disaster recovery services include:

  • Data Recovery: Recovering images, documents, and other files on erased, corrupt, failed, or formatted hard drives
  • Database Rebuilding: Recovering data from corrupt databases
  • Hardware Failure Repairs & Replacement: Mother board, hard drive, and other hardware repairs and replacement

No matter the cause or type of disaster, the very first thing you need to do is STOP any attempts at recovery, to ensure no additional loss occurs. Then contact us, and let us determine the most appropriate steps for your situation.

Disaster Planning Services

Bradshaw Consulting understands that, while disaster planning should come before disaster recovery, most people don’t think about planning for a disaster until they’re in the midst of one.

If you’re not one of those people and are responsible for disaster planning and preparation for your company or yourself, then you’ll be interested in these services, which are most requested by Bradshaw clients:

  • Data Backup & Off-site Storage: Regularly scheduled and automatic backups of your data, stored on or off site
  • Redundant Backups: Regularly scheduled and automatic backups of the backup
  • Data Integrity Checks: Regularly scheduled confirmation that the backed up data is suitable for restoration
  • Data Restoration Planning: Written plan and step-by-step instructions to restore data, in the event of a data loss.

With a Bradshaw Consulting disaster recovery plan, you’ll never have to feel like you’re in an insurmountable situation again. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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