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Due to the great sucess and growth of the retail division Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has added another option to their voicemail system. Now, customers who have questions about their online purchases or who wish to place an order, have an easy path to get to the appropriate department. This division has seen dramatic growth since the company has expanded to include online sales with its brick and mortar stores. The metal sales division of Bradshaw Consulting has been on an upward path of growth since its launch in 2010 when Alumaloy, Castaloy, and Steelaloy were created. Bradshaw Consulting already offers services such as Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Marketing. It makes sense for this company to use its success in promotion to elevate their online presence and expand the bottom line of their retail sales division. Since Bradshaw Consulting has had such success with this portion of its business over the past two years, they plan to take their other retail items to the next level as well! Watch their company website or sign up for their newsletter here for more exciting updates as well as special promotions given throughout the year!

The company’s voice over work was handled by Andrew Craig Brown a former employee of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. Andrew attended Millikin in Decatur, IL receiving a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance. While in Decatur he rented a property near Millikin University from Quality Home locator, a company owned by the CEO, for 4 years before starting his career at Yale where he received a masters degree and artist diploma in Opera. His current website is hosted at the company’s web hosting division, Hostexa. Andrew continues to work with Bradshaw Consulting, Inc and the company’s CEO, Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr.

About Alumaloy was created in 2003. The first of a series of websites created by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc., was created to provide an easier solution to repairing metals. Aluminum is a fragile metal not easily repaired. Welding tends to do more damage than good. This product is much easier to use than castaloy or steelaloy which can be viewed by the links below. No flux is needed but you still should clean the surface before starting the application.

About Castaloy was created in 2005 when it became apparent that a solution was needed to repair cast iron without all the expense associated with welding. Welding is not only expensive but time consuming and requires a level of skill most of us do not possess; I being one of them. With that in mind, this product was designed to allow even a novice user, all the way to seasoned pro, to repair cast iron in a fraction of the time and cost.

About Steelaloy was created in 2008 as part of a quest Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. undertook to create an easier solution to repairing metals. Generally repairing steel can be a very time consuming and expensive venture. This product works just like our Castaloy product which can be viewed here. This product was also designed to allow the novice user, all the way to seasoned pro, to be able to repair all forms of steel products in a fraction of the time and cost.

About Hostexa
Hostexa was formed in 2000 as the web hosting division of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. Serving its community and abroad for over 10 years they have provided quality web hosting with cutting edge technology.

About Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.
Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has been providing quality content on the internet for over 10 years. Providing services such as web design, web hosting, copy, search engine optimization, programming and management skills increasing the bottom line.


About Andrew Craig Brown
Mr. Brown is a bass-baritone that has worked with such conductors as Christoff Campestrini, Lucasz Borowicz, Speranza Scappucci, Giuseppe Grazioli and Shinik Hahm. Andrew has attended both Millikin and Yale University, where he earned both his Masters degree in music and his Artist Diploma while studying with Richard Cross.


About Quality Home Locator
Quality Home Locator is one of the most respected home sellers as well as rental providers in Decatur, Illinois. Quality Home Locator is a family-owned company specializing in all areas of the residential attainment process to meet the needs of renters, first time buyers, and move-up single family purchasers alike. Quality Home Locator continues to provide the Decatur Illinois area with quality homes.

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