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Hostexa the hosting division of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. announced an overhaul of its servers and control panel yesterday. We are proud this was done with no downtime or any clients being negatively affected.

Meanwhile, we have performed a system wide upgrade with our billing system. This new billing system was rolled out today and impacted our corporate website as well as all our web hosting divisions. It is possible this has caused your password, if not secure enough, to be disabled and a new password will need to be generated before you can log in. This can be done by using our password retrieval system.

About Hostexa
Hostexa was formed in 2000 as the web hosting division of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. Serving its community and abroad for over 10 years they have provided quality web hosting with cutting edge technology.

About Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.
Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has been providing quality content on the internet for over 10 years. Providing services such as web design, web hosting, copy, search engine optimization, programming and management skills increasing the bottom line.

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