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Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has just completed a three week upgrade of its billing system. Over the past few weeks employees have contacted clients about this exciting news and shared with them some of the new services offered at no extra charge. The goal at Bradshaw Consulting is to keep clients at the cutting edge of technology and this upgrade did just that. The first phase of our improvement was announced at the end of last year, the upgrade of the control panel at the web hosting divison, Hostexa ( This second phase has built a system to manage the vast number of companies acquired over the many years of operation. Now, both support and billing are routed to the same location. What this means for the client is a customized feel to their account with faster, more personalized service.

“It was important to maintain the skins of the web hosting companies we have purchased but give Hostexa the ability to manage everything from one location. This will make it easier for employees to give more personal support because much needed time is freed up by having everything in one location. Billing for all of these companies is also handled from the same centralized location. This means new orders are piped through the same system so each customer can get the attention he/she needs at account creation. I am very excited for these improvements and this is the culmination of many months of planning and hard work by several people in our organization.”, said Derrick Bradshaw the CEO of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.

During this time the company has also updated its website while keeping the same look and feel that customers did not want to see lost in the advancements. Proof the company listens to its clients by making sure that even after the transformation, the company still looked the same.

Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. plans to feature aspects of its new billing system in coming press releases and if your not yet a client, but wish to subscribe to the newsletter on its company website, you will receive those releases when they are published.

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Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has been providing quality content on the internet for over 10 years. Providing services such as web design, web hosting, copy, search engine optimization, programming and management skills increasing the bottom line.

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