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We launched a new version of our website this week with the hopes to make the experience at our website more enjoyable. The new easier to use layout still makes use of our logo and original design work but just upgrades the general layout to a new 2.0 look. Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr., founder and CEO of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has planned a very strong year for 2011. We added a newsletter to our website so visitors can sign-up for news and updates. I would suggest taking a moment and visiting our newsletter subscription sign-up form and joining. The economy is not like it use to be but Derrick feels there is room for Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. to fill a much needed void doing what they do best, using technology to make business more efficient and increase the numbers on the bottom line. We still have to apply our new design to our web hosting division Hostexa, but Derrick feels that will go live within the next couple of weeks.

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